For the Good Hands

Simple skincare to soothe and restore your dry skin & extra-washed hands

Heal your hands. Heal your world.

We see your heart that cares deeply about people and the world around you. We see you doing all that extra hand washing, doing your part to keep others safe.

We know the pain of dry, cracked hands. Relieve and restore your stressed out skin with our simple natural skincare developed from a lifetime of testing on our founder’s skin as an eczema warrior.

Give your hands the care they’re craving for so you can keep compassionately serving the people and causes you care most about.

diverse hands forming heart shape

Healing Skin Balm

Relieve and comfort your dry, itchy, cracked hands with this hydrating healing salve. This rich balm softens and smooths your skin, seals in moisture, offering protection to give your extra sensitive spots a chance to heal.

Nourishing Skin Oil

Nourish your hardworking hands with this soothing moisturizing oil. This vitamin rich solution absorbs quickly and restores your skin’s flexibility. Great for all over general use.

Good for your skin

With only 1 to 4 ingredients, there’s no extra filler ingredients. Our products are made of concentrated premium ingredients. A little goes a long way.

Good for your heart

Skin health starts from the inside out, which includes listening to your body and mental health. Each product comes with an encouragement for your heart in these stressful times.

Good for the world

Inspired by the courageous service of front line workers of Covid-19, a portion of proceeds will be donated to support the mental health of front line workers and chronically ill warriors.

Testimonials of Happy Healed Skin

I tried everything. Nothing worked until I found this!

“I had terrible and painful eczema on my hands for several months. I tried hard core prescriptions as well as coconut oil and other natural remedies. Nothing worked. I went to my Facebook friends for help, who offered dozens of ideas. I tried a few, but the one that helped me the most was Justine’s healing balm.”


It healed my bleeding and cracked skin

“I developed a patch of eczema that was unbearably itchy. I couldn’t resist scratching so it got worse, and the patch grew bigger, which made me worry. I didn’t know what to do. The doctor could only offer me steroids. As soon as I put on the healing balm, it was instant relief. I felt a cooling sensation. It felt so good. Now I don’t scratch. It stopped bleeding, healed the cracks, and is all healed now. This has been my experience on two different spots now!”


My skin healed in 3 weeks

“A tiny itch on my nose turned into a scaly, thick, painful patch. I was afraid it would spread to my whole nose. I tried tea tree oil, lavender, and coconut oil. Nothing was working. I was desperate. Then I found this healing balm. It provided a soothing cooling effect. Two weeks later it wasn’t as dry. My skin was healed, and the patch was completely gone within 3 weeks!”


From our pain, we connect with others in service

 A lifelong eczema sufferer, Justine Hwang was clueless for so long about the connection between her mind and body with her skin health. Through a slow and painful journey, she began to heal her skin from the inside out.

As she became educated on the importance of choosing clean ingredients to put on her skin, she experimented on making her own skin care. In her early experimentations, she was so disconnected from her body that she actually caused further injury to her skin unknowingly. She finally learned to test one ingredient at a time, realizing not all ingredient sources are made equal.

In her worst setback when her skin had open weeping wounds, even water was painful, allowing her to only use a single ingredient for relief. Today, she still only uses 3 ingredients in her moisturizing skin care.

Friends came to her when they developed stress induced eczema when nothing else would work. She shared samples of her formula which brought immediate relief and ultimately healing.

As a multi-passionate creative in the non profit field, the Healing Balm remained one of Justine’s dormant business ideas. When she began to see people struggling with dry hands from all the extra handwashing during Covid-19, she decided to launch For the Good Hands, under the umbrella of her business, It Just Flows, to help support the mental health of front line workers and chronically ill warriors, who live with higher levels of anxiety and do this level of extra handwashing 365 days a year.